Smooth sphere

The Detector - Smooth-sphere nº101 is the indispensable tool of Dien Chan for stimulating the facial points and massaging the reflex zones with precision and gentleness. Compact and practical, this stylus is the ideal instrument for applying the bqc·points formulas.

Its carefully studied design and its manufacturing quality make it a reliable choice for practitioners concerned with offering quality care to their patients.


This multireflex tool is equipped with a fine rounded metal rod and a smooth horn sphere that facilitates delicate massages of facial reflex zones.

Considered the best acupressure stylus, its stainless steel tip has a diameter specially designed to precisely stimulate the energy points.

Moreover, many auriculotherapists and acupuncturists use it in the practice of their disciplines.

In Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté, it is rather reserved for those who know how to stimulate the bqc·points. Beginners will prefer either the Little-hammer yin-yang nº128, which allows for percussing the areas described by the formulas, or the large Comet detector nº133, which is thicker and thus adapted to very sensitive and thin skins.

Its fine detector

We use it to assess the sensitivity of specific areas, allowing us to deduce the origin of imbalances using reflex diagram projections.

This is the most precise instrument for stimulating the bqc·points of facial care formulas, applying constant pressure for 20 to 30 seconds on the detected point.

We repeat the process while gradually adjusting the pressure according to the sensitivity of the face.

Additionally, its rod can be used for gentle sweeps, providing a yin effect on the targeted reflex zone.

⚠️ Hypersensitivity to the detector: If the patient cannot tolerate the fine end of the detector, we will opt for Little-hammer nº128 or the large Comet detector nº133.

Its smooth sphere

Multi-purpose, it allows us gentle massages on the areas involved in the treatment. It is very useful for preparing the face, for 1 to 2 minutes before the treatment, in order to relax it.

The sphere of the authentic Detector is made of natural horn to benefit from its biological antistatic and antiseptic properties which, unlike polluting plastic, do not disturb the skin microbiota.

Its smooth horn sphere allows us delicate massages and do not hesitate to slide a small drop of oil between the tool and the skin to facilitate friction.

The multireflex Detector nº101 is a professional tool.

We use it during the fourth step of the "treatment plan" to consolidate the treatment by applying a specific formula of bqc·points.

Here are a few simple examples

Gastric acidity

Use the rod of the multireflex Detector nº101 to sweep the left groove of the nostril until you locate a very sensitive area.

The bqc·point 64·, which corresponds to the cardia (the entrance of the stomach), is usually the most painful.

Stimulate this point for 30 to 40 seconds and repeat the operation at least 5 times a day.

Structural pain

The smooth sphere of the multireflex Detector nº101 is ideal for applying the reflex diagram located on the skull, known as the "Rider".

By gently massaging the scalp, one can locate sensitive points and massage them for about a minute to check for relief.

Muscle tension

To relieve trapezius overload by stimulating the bqc·points 34· located at the root of the eyebrows.

Regarding the second usage, its smooth sphere allows for a pleasant and deep massage of the multireflexological zones of the shoulders on various diagrams.


In Chan❜beauté, the smooth sphere Detector nº101 is an indispensable tool for targeting specific points on the face and for performing effective massages.

Whether it's targeting specific points or performing sweeping massages, the smooth sphere of this tool is extremely useful.

Moreover, it is also used for Reflexdrainage, which stimulates the lymphatic system and thus contributes to improving the health and beauty of the skin.

On dry skin, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing cream or organic essential oil to facilitate gliding.

In Chan❜beauté, we combine the effects of different multireflex tools, and the Detector nº101 is an essential element to strengthen our treatments using the proposed bqc·points formulas.

In Dien Chan as in Chan❜beauté, the practice is flexible and evolving.

It is important to note that experienced professionals often like to combine the use of the Little-hammer yin-yang nº128 with that of the Detector nº101 according to the specific needs of the facial area to be treated. This approach allows for optimal customization of treatments based on the individual needs of the patient.

To properly detect the bqc·points, we recommend practicing on your own face with the help of a mirror.

Although, undoubtedly, the ideal is to participate in one of our training courses, where, under the supervision of a certified teacher, you can practice on real patients.

These practices will allow you to consolidate your multireflexological knowledge and improve the effectiveness of your therapeutic actions.

Important note

🔸 We would like to rectify some erroneous information regarding the stylus we use in Dien Chan to stimulate the bqc·points. Contrary to what some individuals claim, the "Multireflex detector nº101" is the only one perfectly suited to the practitioner's needs for effective practice of the original facial reflexology method; Dien Chan.

Instruments such as acupressure palpators, acupuncture probes, or styluses with springs are not recommended in Dien Chan.

Indeed, to control and feel the pressure exerted properly, we need to use a high-quality and isolating instrument. That's why our favorite "pointer" for stimulating the bqc·points has a handle made of natural horn and a stainless steel rod with precise diameter.

It is important to emphasize that only the "Multireflex Detector nº101" tool is designed according to the highest quality standards, with a metal end perfectly suited to our precise working techniques. Its diameter is the result of many years of clinical experience to achieve optimal results.

We encourage you to exercise discernment and not be influenced by erroneous information that seeks only to discredit true multireflex tools.

Opt for reliable and quality choices for your Dien Chan sessions!


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