Origin of Chanbeauté

Developed by the research department of the International School of Multireflexology (ISMDC), this technique of natural aesthetics and holistic well-being consists of restoring the overall balance in order to reach the origin of the imperfection.

This avant-garde ecological method synthesizes and combines many ancient knowledge by offering a fast and efficient modern interpretation. Chan❜beauté is nourished by traditional healing knowledge and Western medicine. It reconciles the principles of oriental wisdom with contemporary clinical applications.

Thanks to our analyzes and the observable checks of our student beauticians, we have discovered that the use of multireflex tools significantly improves facial treatments.

This offers us the possibility of naturally treating wrinkles, spots, scars, cellulite, water retention and many other imperfections.

In order to reach the origin of the imbalance, we abuse the therapeutic powers of Dien Chan to enrich our aesthetic and well-being treatments.

What are Chan❜beauté's favorite tools?

When we practice this incredible method of natural aesthetics and holistic well-being, we benefit prodigiously from the effects of multireflex tools.

We have noticed since 2002 that the skin of people treated with Dien Chan is regenerating. Countless patients more attentive to their appearance reported a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles that accentuated their visible age.

Our student beauticians were also becoming more and more interested in the effects of multireflex tools and were beginning to integrate them into their care. They observed a marked improvement in the penetration index of the products used after using a yang instrument.

After numerous clinical studies and a reorganization of all our notes, the research department of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan decided to present this new method in 2006.

We called it Chan❜beauté to retain the power of combined diagnosis and treatment expressed by the Vietnamese word “chan”. Followed by the word “beauté” in French for the glamorous side that our English-speaking students appreciate so much.

You can of course discover the Chan❜beauté protocols on the method's official website www.ChanBeaute.com.

Once again, you will find here and there many pale copies which neglect the fundamentals of authentic technique.

Chan❜beauté engages original facial reflexology in the service of natural aesthetics.

In order to properly illustrate the use of multireflex tools in Chan❜beauté, we would like to offer you an essential approach.

We called it the «Yang~yin Prélude» because we use it before any wrinkle treatment.

We have actually found that our yang stimulations bring out the nutrients trapped in the deeper layers of the skin.

Instead of trying to make water penetrate using the fatty molecules of a cream, why not take advantage of the intrinsic powers of our complexion?

It is therefore a question of starting the treatment in a yang way by stimulating emersion and then distributing these natural nutritive substances thanks to a yin tool.

The yin back and forth will then distribute these solicited nutrients through the epidermis to restore shine and elasticity to the skin.

Having thus attenuated the tensions of the antagonistic muscles which cause the fold, we can then continue the treatment of the wrinkles.

The Chan❜beauté treatment obviously does not end here. This first step allows us to prepare the ground to then seek the origin of the tension or the dysfunction which is expressed by an imperfection.


If you want to get the «Yang~yin Prelude» for free with more explanations and a video, do not hesitate to ask us through this page

But, back to our pretty instruments!

In Chan❜beauté, we therefore use the Yin-yang troller nº206 for the «Yang~yin Prelude», but also a series of essential multireflex tools:

The Beauty-brush nº252 for areas of the face with thin and delicate skin.

The Concave yang - Yin sphere nº207 to redefine contours and soothe eye tension.

The Beauty ova nº373 for multiple facial and body treatments.

The Small yin-yang hammer nº128 which will be very useful for us to apply the different formulas of bqc·points which consolidate our treatments.

And obviously all the body tools we use in the anti-cellulite protocol and others.

Consult this page to learn more about the classification of multireflex tools.